What to do if you’re alone this Christmas in London

Christmas is traditionally a time for getting together with our family and friends to share food, gifts and laughter.

But, for one reason or another, not everyone will have someone they can spend the festive season with.

Here’s some ideas for how you can avoid being alone this Christmas…

Volunteer at Crisis

Crisis is a homelessness charity and they always need extra volunteers at Christmas.

You can help out by cooking and serving meals or sharing your skills as a hairdresser, health professional or entertainer.

Click here to get involved.

Join the Not Alone in London Meetup group

Meetup is a great site with lots of groups designed to bring people together.

Not Alone in London is hosting Christmas day lunches and New Year’s Eve celebrations in various parts of London – a perfect way to make some new friends!

Go on an early morning West End walking tour

Tour guide Peter Berthoud hosts an annual Christmas day walking tour of the West End.

Setting off at dawn it takes in all of London’s most iconic sights when the streets are quiet and deserted.

Afterwards you can stick around for coffee and breakfast in a café.

people on christmas tree at home during winter
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Get groovy at a family Christmas disco

If you’re a single parent or caring for kids on your own, the JW3 Jewish centre in Finchley is hosting a Families Winter Disco.

Starting at 11.30 am they’ll be hosting a day of craft activities, entertainment and a disco complete with snow, bubbles and lights.

Have a free Christmas dinner in South London

Mirjam and Michael are hosting people aged 30-55 for Christmas lunch at their home in White Hart Lane, Barnes.

Booking is required but there’s no charge – you just have to bring your own beverages.

Go for a run in the park

Parkrun is a great way to get moving, take in some fresh air and meet new people.

Check the website to see which groups are still doing their runs on Christmas day and New Year’s day.





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