Tarot readings and angel cards – What’s the difference?

Tarot readings can offer the answer to a burning question…

What does the future have in store?

When faced with a chance to gain a little insight, most people (no matter how skeptical) give it a go.

I’ve had both tarot card and angel card readings – here’s my verdict…

Are tarot cards accurate?

Yes and no.

There’s always room for interpretation.

The first tarot reading I had was four years ago when I was working in Italy.

Barbara, who had set up her stall on the street in Bologna, had a very fortune-tellerish gypsy vibe so I was intrigued and thought it would be fun.

How it works is that you ask a question, choose some cards and then the reader lays them out in a spread which they will interpret to arrive at an answer.

There are 78 cards in a deck, and each card can have a different meaning depending on its position in the spread.

When I asked about my career path Barbara was very adamant that I should be an air hostess.

This was something I’d always considered since I speak a few languages and love traveling so I was surprised that she would pick something so apt – but was it just a guess?

I squandered the rest of that reading on a guy I fancied at the time, asking what he thought of me etc.

The verdict was that I was “mai zitta ma una persona molto ricca dentro” – Roughly translated: I never shut up but have a good soul.

When I told the guy this on Facebook he responded with a shocked smiley face emoji – which I assume means Barbara got it right. .

Another thing she said was that he had a difficult relationship with his father.

He denied this but said that actually, on that particular day they’d had a big argument.

So I think Barbara’s reading was accurate in terms of my hopes and desires for that specific day, but it couldn’t reveal much beyond that.

Image Credit: Kristin Andrus

Can tarot cards predict the future?

More recently I had a reading with Jan at Mysteries in Covent Garden, London.

Once again I chose to focus the reading on my love life but in a broader sense.

This time the answer was much more specific – in the next 1-2 years I will enter into a long-term relationship and eventually have children.

In terms of career, I was told that I should stick with the newspaper I work for and I will definitely write a book at some point.

At first I thought Jan sort of cheated because he had to ask me what I did for a living but then out of the blue he was also able to say that I am very musical (I play ukulele and sing) and that I should continue to have fun with that.

Jan took the reading one step further by connecting with the “spirit world.”

I was surprised (and also slightly creeped out) when he said that there is a little girl watching over me – but apparently her intentions are good.

He also seemed to connect with one of my late grandfathers who said I was on a “big trip” which I suppose could refer to my recent move to London or more metaphorically to my spiritual quest and journey in life.

Image Credit: Atell Rohlandt (Flickr)

What are angel cards?

When I went to a sober rave I met a lovely woman called Gilly Bean who gave me an angel card reading.

I was given three decks and had to choose four cards from each.

The result was that I should trust my instincts, especially when it comes to my creative endeavours and Angel Jophiel was telling me to “honour my beauty”.

This particularly resonated with me since I’ve always struggled with having negative thoughts and low self-esteem based around my physical appearance.

How are angel cards different to tarot?

The difference between angel cards and tarot is that Gilly doesn’t profess to have any kind of psychic powers – she’s simply acting as a messenger and relaying what the angels are trying to communicate.

She explains, “Angel cards are a way of communicating messages to people with a little help from the angels…I also work with what your soul wants you to know.”

“I’m not a psychic but I am someone that can channel through the messages that are here for you in this now.”


I really enjoyed having both tarot and angel card readings.

It’s something fun to do which can potentially offer you a different way of looking at a situation or greater insight into your life.

But like anything, it’s good to approach it with an open mind and not take it too seriously.

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