5 Ways To Make Your Soul Happy In Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of my favourite areas of London.

A stone’s throw away from Leicester Square, it’s full of life but has the feeling of being a town in itself where the pace is a little slower.

Here’s five things I like to do in Covent Garden that are good for the soul…

1. Hot Yoga


There’s a few yoga studios around Covent Garden but I particularly enjoy the hot flow yoga class on Sundays with Jennifer at Yotopia.

It’s just like normal Hatha yoga except if you close your eyes, your imagination can transport you out of central London to a tropical rain forest or a beach in the Bahamas.

2. Dance!


Dance is good for the soul – fact.

I love going to classes at Pineapple Dance Studios.

Founded in 1979 by model and designer Debbie Moore, it’s built on the site of a disused Pineapple warehouse.

Image Credit: Kathy Giddins

So far I’ve tried Bollywood and various Jazz/Contemporary classes.

Don’t be put off by the people who dance like total pros, even in the beginners’ classes.

It’s easy to get trapped in self-consciously comparing yourself to others but for one hour just try to have fun, dance away your worries, connect to the music and let go of your inhibitions.

Top Tip: If you go to the Bollywood Fusion class on a Wednesday night all proceeds go to Help Refugees UK – Good karma all round!

3. Watch The Street Performers in Covent Garden Square

Image Credit: Keith Ellwood – Flickr

Covent Garden is always filled with musicians, magicians and human statues.

They aren’t pushy with asking for donations and it can ease loneliness when you feel part of a crowd that is laughing and cheering in unison.

I watched a magician here who made funny comments about everyone who walked past.

My favourite was when a little girl came up and hugged him and he said “I’m your real father!” – The look on her face was priceless.

4. Sample Essential Oils at Neal’s Yard Remedies

Image Credit: Ollie J – Flickr

The chain Neal’s Yard Remedies originates from Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden.

Here you’ll find all sorts of different creams, tinctures and ointments to cure any ailment.

I like to smell all of the different essential oils and usually can’t resist buying one.

orange oil
Image Credit: Kathy Giddins

Lavender helps me sleep, Eucalyptus is good for coughs and colds, Ginger warms my hands in winter and Orange…well I just like the smell of it.

Top Tip: A few dabs of your favourite oil on each wrist and behind the ears can make a nice natural perfume.

5. Eat Some Healthy Comfort Food

thai curry

There’s lots of nice places to eat around Covent Garden.

I love Rosa’s Thai Café which serves up delicious and wholesome curries.

The Green Curry served with coconut steamed rice is heavenly.

Image Credit: Kathy Giddins

Souk Medina is also a good place to go and sample some delicious and nutritious Moroccan food like hummus, stuffed vine leaves and Batata Hara (spicy fried potatoes).

Top Tip: Grab an ice cream for dessert from Udderlicious which is next door to Rosa’s – the vegan hazelnut milk and stracciatella is creamy perfection  🙂

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